IHS Markit Registry

IHS Markit Registry

OxCarbon credits (OxCs) are issued, transacted and retired on the IHS Markit Registry, operated by S&P Global. By using this third-party registry, OxCs are allocated unique serial numbers, ensuring that there is no double-counting or double-selling of OxCs. It also provides transparency, allowing anyone to view the current stock and retirements made by projects or resellers. The Registry also lists all OxCarbon projects and project documentation that is responsible for the issuance of OxCs (PDDs, technical specifications, annual reports and audit reports).

Apply for an IHS Markit account

Only those with an OxCarbon account on IHS Markit can hold, transact and retire OxCs.. However, credits can be retired by account holders on behalf of other entities. Given this, and that holding a Markit account incurs annual fees  we do not encourage buyers to seek their own account on the registry, except for in exceptional circumstances. Instead, we recommend that buyers purchase credits from projects or resellers and request that the credits are retired on their behalf.

Sustainability agencies, consultancies, resellers or similar organisations wishing to purchase OxCarbon Certificates on behalf of individuals and clients, may want to manage their own account and OxCs. If this is the case, we encourage these organisations apply for an IHS Markit Registry account.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at Enquiries@OxCarbon.org