General NewsOxCarbon launches standard for science-based carbon crediting on S&P Global Environmental Registry

OxCarbon launches standard for science-based carbon crediting on S&P Global Environmental Registry

OXFORD, 1 APRIL 2023 – OxCarbon is pleased to announce the launch of the OxCarbon Principles registry hosted on S&P Global Environmental Registry. From March 2023, OxCarbon credits (OxCs) can be issued, transferred and retired.

OxCarbon Principles is a principles-based carbon crediting standard established in 2021. OxCarbon was spun-out by Oxford University Innovation to create positive climate impact through the support of innovation and academic enquiry. The OxCarbon Principles seeks to instill confidence in climate impact projects through a principle-driven approach supported by transparency and scrutiny from the academic peer review community. Through reliable academic validation reports and data transparency, OxCarbon provides a structure for the fair transaction of ecosystem services with communities and enables access to various funding sources and markets for ecosystem services, including voluntary carbon credits.

“We need rigorous, transparent, and principles-led carbon standards based on scientific approaches,” said Stephen Lezak, Programme Manager for the Oxford Programme on the Sustainable Future of Capital-Intensive Industries. “Innovations that bring rigor to the voluntary carbon market, similar to those at OxCarbon, have the potential to generate new levels of trust with offset purchasers and producers.”

OxCarbon invites all project developers and climate intelligence organisations (CIOs) that have developed / are developing science-based methodologies to get in touch. For all project-related enquiries, please contact enquiries@oxcarbon.org.

About OxCarbon Limited

OxCarbon is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, established in 2021 and spun-out by Oxford University Innovation. It seeks to promote innovation in climate impact projects that align with the Oxford Offsetting Principles. All surplus revenues generated by OxCarbon are used to support climate research, primarily at The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. For more information, visit http://oxcarbon.org/.