General NewsPress Release: OxCarbon Announces Partnership with Downforce Technologies to set new standards of integrity and efficiency in Soil Organic Carbon projects

Press Release: OxCarbon Announces Partnership with Downforce Technologies to set new standards of integrity and efficiency in Soil Organic Carbon projects

LONDON, 26 June 2024 – OxCarbon, a leading registry for carbon units, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Downforce Technologies, renowned for its innovative and patented natural capital assessment technology. This collaboration strengthens the infrastructure for robust, independent and transparent Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) projects developed by individual, company or community proponents. This partnership aligns with OxCarbon’s mission to maximize climate impact by providing a robust, transparent registry for tracking and validating high-quality carbon projects.

Downforce Technologies offers a new approach to the measurement of soil carbon using cutting-edge science, modelling and remote sensing data. This enables data-driven land management to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions and promote soil health and resilience. As well as verifying carbon removals from soil management interventions under a carbon project, the Downforce methodology allows for the rigorous quantification of historic soil carbon stocks and of the potential for additional removals based on observed comparable soils’ performance.

Through this partnership, Downforce clients can now have their SOC projects verified through the ISO 14064-2 accredited Downforce Natural Capital (DNC) programme and then registered on the OxCarbon Registry. OxCarbon provides an independent registry for carbon units assessed in accordance with robust methodologies such as Downforce’s. Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent reduced or removed against the project baseline may be certified and carbon units issued for verified carbon removals from the atmosphere.

OxCarbon’s Head of Carbon Accounting, Stephen Lezak said, “OxCarbon looks forward to deploying an innovative climate solution that benefits the climate and local landscapes. With this partnership, we look forward to building a new generation of high-integrity climate solutions with the potential to scale globally.”

Downforce Technologies’ Chief Scientific Officer and former Chief Scientist of the UN Environment Programme, Professor Jacqueline McGlade, added, “Our partnership with OxCarbon marks a significant step forward in our mission to make every hectare count towards combatting climate change, preserving biodiversity and ensuring global food security. Working together we will build trust and credibility in the market through the robust and transparent verification of soil carbon removals enhancements.”

For more information on OxCarbon’s partnership with Downforce Technologies, please visit OxCarbon’s Downforce Technologies Natural Capital page: https://oxcarbon.org/downforce-technologies-natural-capital-programme/

About OxCarbon:

OxCarbon is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, established in 2021 and spun-out by Oxford University Innovation. It seeks to promote innovation in climate impact projects that align with the Oxford Offsetting Principles. All surplus revenues generated by OxCarbon are used to support climate research, primarily at The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. For more information, visit http://oxcarbon.org/.  

About Downforce Technologies:

Downforce Technologies is a data-driven, science-led technology company that aims to make every hectare count towards achieving global climate, biodiversity and food security goals by providing robust scientific measurement, monitoring and verification of natural capital from various land management practices. Downforce provides data services, e.g. soil organic carbon change and potential, to large land managers, supply chain companies, financial institutions, government and administrative bodies, and carbon crediting projects. For more information, please visit www.downforce.tech.