Downforce Technologies Natural Capital Programme 


Downforce Technologies Natural Capital Programme

OxCarbon and Downforce Technologies  have partnered to list high integrity soil organic carbon projects on the OxCarbon registry. Downforce Technologies is a leader in soil organic carbon measurement for regulatory reporting, soil health monitoring and soil organic carbon credit projectsDownforce operates globally to provide land managers, food supply chain companies and financial institutions with soil organic carbon measurement at scale. Its proprietary software provides a historical, high-resolution view of carbon storage in the soil, offering insights as to how interventions may improve soil carbon removals and enhance resilience. 


Methodology and Certification

Downforce employs a rigorous methodology for its soil carbon assessment, which has been accredited under the ISO 14064-2:2019 standard for quantification, monitoring, and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions and removal enhancements. This ISO certification ensures that their methods are reliable, transparent, and effective in contributing to global carbon reduction goals. 


Downforce Natural Capital (DNC) Programme

The ISO 14064-2:2019 accredited DNC Programme focuses on delivering natural capital improvements and restoration through activities that enhance greenhouse gas removals and increase ecosystem resilience. The programme is outcomes-based, focusing on quantifying biogenic carbon at scale from nature-based solutions by combining millions of data points from remote observation with parcel-level ground data used to construct a digital twin of the land. Land managers who decide to establish a project to enhance carbon removals can rely on 7 years of historical soil carbon performance and variability across the landscape in establishing the project baseline, confidently certifying net removals according to a three-year average of soil carbon stock change.


Downforce Methodology and GHG Protocol

The Downforce methodology is aligned with the principles of the GHG Protocol for Forest, Land and Agriculture:

1) Relevance: Ensuring all relevant data and procedures are included to inform decision-making.

2) Completeness: Identifying all GHG net removals related to a project. 

3) Consistency: Uniform procedures across all projects for reliable comparisons. 

4) Accuracy: Avoiding bias and improving precision in data collection.

5) Transparency: Open and clear reporting to enable verification. 

6) Conservativeness: Ensuring assumptions lead to credible GHG quantifications. 

7) Permanence: Managing risks to ensure long-term carbon storage (50-100 years). 

Monitoring and Reporting 

The DNC Methodology ensures regular monitoring and risk alerts through a combination of ground verification and remote techniques. The individual projects’ annual monitoring reports provide data on project activities and GHG removals, ensuring compliance with the ISO-verified project plan and validation of certified carbon units.

Project Integration 

By hosting DNC Projects, OxCarbon will provide a robust platform for tracking and validating carbon sequestration efforts. This integration will facilitate greater transparency, accountability, and accessibility to project data, benefiting both stakeholders and the environment. 


More About Downforce Technologies

Downforce Technologies is a data-driven, science-led technology company that aims to make every hectare count towards achieving global climate, biodiversity and food security goals by providing robust scientific measurement, monitoring and verification of natural capital from various land management practices. Downforce provides data services, e.g. soil organic carbon change and potential, to large land managers, supply chain companies, financial institutions, government and administrative bodies, and carbon crediting projects. For more information, please visit 


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