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Mangrove Restoration & Conservation Project Watershed Extension

Our Project

OxCarbon Blue Carbon Restoration & Conservation Watershed Extension

Project Name: Restoration & Conservation Project in North Sumatra: Watershed Extension
Project ID: 001-OxC-Watershed Extension
Project location: North Sumatra
Project Size: 1,550 ha
Lifetime Carbon Projection: ___ tonnes CO2e
Project Type: Mangrove Conservation & Restoration
Project Developer: Global Mangrove Trust (GMT)

Our Project

OxCarbon Blue Carbon Restoration & Conservation Project

Project Name: Restoration & Conservation Project in North Sumatra
Project ID: 001-OxC
Project location: North Sumatra
Project Size: 2,305.6 ha
Lifetime Carbon Projection: 2.6 million tonnes CO2e
Project Type: Mangrove Conservation & Restoration
Project Developer: Global Mangrove Trust (GMT)

OxCarbon credits on the S&P Global Environmental Registry

project methodology

Validated by KACSAT

Kumi Analytics Carbon Sequestration Assessment Tool (KACSAT) is a technologically advanced integrated space-based blue carbon estimator. It is calibrated to integrate high quality satellite inputs for project land areas. These satellites provide high-capacity, full-colour images for enhanced spectral analysis, mapping, and monitoring applications. These images link visible forest characteristics and below ground carbon stocks (first observable via soil samples at baselining) to carbon estimates.

Mangrove trees are geotagged and the diameter at breast height (DBH) is measured consistently to ensure average growth among each population is measured correctly while identifying specific trees and associated growth rates.

Comparison of forest cover density classification map using 10m-resolution (Sentinel) data vs. 0.5m resolution data with KACSAT

Forest Land Protected (ha)
Expected yearly quantum of avoided emissions and carbon sequestration (tCO2)​
Total Carbon stocks protected (tCO2-e)​

Historical Deforestation​

Through calibration of the classification engine, KACSAT was able to develop a high-accuracy land cover type classification analysis of the defined reference area along the coastline of North Sumatra. This reference area was utilised to generate an assessment of historical land cover change as regards to the conversion of forests to agriculture and settlement land over the reference period of 2017-2021.

Palm plantation is the dominant land cover and increased to 60.9% of the total classified areas between 2017 and 2021. Other anthropogenic land use and land cover types increased as well, including development (21.2%), farming represented by barren, cultivated crops and flooded area (24.5%) and fishery (3.3%) In contrast, forest extent (sum of mangrove, tropical and swamp forests) dropped to 3.4% in total, representing an annual deforestation rate, as defined by FAO, of the region of 7.18%. Compared to mangrove (3.2%) and tropical forests (2.0%), swamp forests experienced the most severe degradation from 7.4% in 2017 to only 4.6% in 2021.

Project Partners

Global Mangrove Trust (GMT) is a Singapore-based, not-for-profit NGO that works to help communities develop their own local conservation efforts. GMT works together with local impact partners, seeking to empower families and businesses globally to support community-based mangrove forestry.

Kumi Analytics Pte Ltd (Kumi) is a Singapore based technology company dedicated to integrating satellite imagery with machine learning to support its mission of helping people and businesses better understand the world around them. The company has a range of satellite imagery based products including pollution measurements, property analytics with environmental risk profiles and the carbon sequestration assessment tool.

Yayasan Gajah Sumatera (YAGASU) works to build a vibrant community sharing a common smart business vision and a culture of cooperation, innovation and professionalism, and where Indonesian nationals play a role as part of global networks. The team pursues this vision through a combination of advocacy, media campaigns and field projects.

Handprint provide monitoring and reporting services to the project. Click the link below to find out more information and to financially support the project



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