Ecosystem Project Principles

OxCarbon Principles

ecosystem project guidelines

OxCarbon Principles-Based Standard

The OxCarbon Principles-Based Standard is an academic validation framework for community-based ecosystem projects and programmes supporting rural organisations, and community groups to improve natural resource management aligned with the Oxford Offsetting Principles. The standard ensures that OxCarbon projects benefit local communities’ livelihoods, enhance ecosystems and protect biodiversity. 

Through reliable academic validation reports and voluntary carbon credits, OxCarbon produces a structure for the fair transaction of ecosystem services with communities and enables access to various funding sources and markets for ecosystem services, including voluntary carbon credits.

The OxCarbon Guidelines details the criteria and assessment process for projects to be certified under the OxCarbon standard. This document is for project developers, coordinators, and proponents interested in registering under OxCarbon.

Carbon offsetting

Oxford Principles for Carbon Offsetting

Access to The “Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting (revised 2024)” is via the button below.