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Criteria For Approving Projects

The OxCarbon Board will perform evaluations to analyse the suitability of projects. OxCarbon is looking for proposals that address these criteria. Submitted Approaches are inviting independent review, which will critically evaluate the potential of the methodology. 

Auditability & Transparency

Proponents need to describe the sampling approach, the quantum of ground-truthing (if appropriate) data needed, and describe and share the protocols and tools used to establish operational practices. Proponents should be aware that OxCarbon requires all data inputs used in the calculation of climate impact to be made publicly available, alongside the verification report.


The OxCarbon Boardwill assess the quality of any data collection and examine the protocols used to establish operational practices. Submitted Approaches need to provide an overview of the need for ground-truthing (if at all), their sampling approach, the number of repetitions, and their resolution mechanisms for conflicting data.


Projects must demonstrate clear additionality with no criteria other than climate impact determining the volume of credit issuance. Whilst projects must also ensure they do not impact negatively on local communities or cause other negative externalities, this is a binary requirement and will not be used as justification for issuance of credits in the absence of additionality.


OxCarbon seeks examples of the most efficient satellites in providing the best remote sensing data with the highest quality images to generate the most scalable carbon estimates. Various alternative configurations of data inputs will continually develop and should refine machine learning approaches over time to further increase accuracy and scalability.

the process

Process to be Certified with OxCarbon


Preliminary Review of the
Draft Project Design

The submitted draft project design should include the following:

  1. Safeguarding principles assessment.
  2. Estimation of climate and sustainable development impacts.
  3. Management and monitoring plan.


Third-Party Verification
& Validation

Gain a third-party evaluation with an OxCarbon-approved validator of the project’s technical specifications and the method applied for carbon calculations. The project validation must include:

  1. The complete project design document and all relevant supporting documentation. 
  2. A desk review and field visit with documented evidence that the project aligns with the OxCarbon Standard.
  3. Contract with the third party validator, signed and dated.


Project Design

OxCarbon will review the project documentation and may make recommendations of corrective actions if required. The final project submission must include:

  1. Completed project design document.
  2. The final validation report and approval of the project from the third-party validator.



Following approval of technical specifications, the project will be:

  1. Entered into OxCarbon Projects Library.
  2. Provided with an OxCarbon Registry account.


Preparation of the
first Annual Report

Submission of the project’s first ANNUAL report must include:

  1. A monitoring report for verification of impact records and/or products.
  2. Updates on all significant elements of administration and operation.



OxCarbon will review the project documentation and may make recommendations of corrective actions if required. The performance review documents must include:

  1. Complete monitoring report and all relevant supporting documentation.
  2. Verification and approval of the annual review documents by an third-party validator.



Following approval of technical specifications, the project will be:

  1. Adherence to safety measures and stakeholder inclusivity.
  2. Climate and sustainable development impact achieved.
For any enquiries relating to any of our projects or our certification process, please contact us via email.