What we stand for

Vision & Mission


To create positive climate impact through the support of innovation and academic enquiry.

OxCarbon invites the submission of science-based carbon estimation methodologies from project teams and climate intelligence ventures that satisfy the OxCarbon Principles.




PROJECTS must minimise the risk of non-additionality or reversal and seek to avoid creating negative unintended consequences for people and the environment.

PROJECTS should maximise carbon storage longevity and ensure that issuance is exclusively carbon removals by 2050.

PROJECTS must demonstrate a science-based assessment of climate impact in CO2 terms that is verifiable and correctly accounted for.



PROJECT REGISTRATION is solely at the discretion of the OxCarbon board who will rely on relevant expert advice from the academic peer-review community.

PROJECT DEVELOPERS must submit all relevant supporting data (that is not commercially sensitive) to OxCarbon who will make it freely available to the academic community for research purposes.



PROJECT METHODOLOGIES should utilise advances in technology that enhance science-based assessments as soon as it is economic to do so.

PROJECT METHODOLOGIES should be appropriate and relevant to the project scope and practice conservatism where uncertainties exist.