Waste2Energy Micro-Biochar Project in Mozambique


Waste2Energy Micro-Biochar Project in Mozambique

OxCarbon has been engaging with Mozambique Renewables to refine a carbon accounting methodology for the conversion of agri-waste into bio-char.

This waste-energy-biochar project is situated in Nampula, Mozambique, and aims to convert waste cashew nut shell cake (CNSC) into biochar, using the waste thermal energy from pyrolysis as cooking energy.


Restoring Africa’s Eco-systems

This premium micro-biochar project simultaneously addresses issues related to climate change, energy security, and health.
Replacing charcoal with sustainable agricultural residues drastically reduces deforestation and this intervention along with a holistic agroforestry program is key to restoring Africa’s forests and precious eco-systems as well as providing food security to rural communities.

The CNSC is diverted from the processing facility, where they would be burnt, and are sold to end users as fuel.

Specialised micro-biochar stoves pyrolyse and gasify the CNSC into biochar, simultaneously harnessing the waste heat to be used for cooking. These micro-biochar-stove units are subsidised by carbon finance and will be distributed free of charge. The biochar is then applied to the soil for restoration and long-term carbon capture.


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